Madame Alexis (madamealexis) wrote in reuniting_usa,
Madame Alexis

Citizen Message

On December 12th at noon local time, every American citizen is called to converge on the 50 state capitals and Washington DC. to peacefully protest the 2004 election.

The 2004 election has culminated in the loss of integrity in our voting system. As citizens, it is our duty to stand up and demand the sanctity and security of our votes be returned to the ballot box. The 51 Capital "You Stole My Vote" March is our one opportunity to voice our insistence that all votes in the 2004 election be counted accurately and completely BEFORE state electors cast their votes for President and Vice President.

On December 12th, two groups will converge on every state capital in the country: citizens demanding our votes be counted accurately and fairly, and state electors preparing to cast their electoral votes the next day.

This protest will deliver a clear citizens' message to our fellow state electors: Do NOT cast your electoral vote until your state's election officials provide an accurate and complete vote count.

For more information on your state:
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