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"reuniting_usa" might get very important, very soon!

If you haven't heard, a new news site is scheduled to open in October 2006 that will provide news without the bias and spin that accompanies many of today's sources. The site is called, and it hopes to achieve its balance by drawing on its all-star staff of founders:

· Ron Fournier (former chief political writer for the Associated Press)
· Mark McKinnon (directed George W. Bush ad campaigns)
· Joe Lockhart (Bill Clinton's former Press Secretary)
· Matthew Dowd (Chief Strategist for the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004)
· Carter Eskew (Chief Strategist for Al Gore's 2000 campaign)
· Allie Savarino (Internet advertising pioneer; President of
· Michael Feldman (Senior Advisor to the Vice President & Clinton-Gore WH veteran)
· John deTar (Advertising veteran & Founding Partner of community)
· Chip Smith (Managing Partner, Glover Park Group and former Gore adviser)
· Bart Barden (Web design specialist, led architecture team for MSN Web channels)

Since their site sounded like it was very much in line with the mission of this community, I sent them a letter of congratulations and an offer to help. Ron Fournier wrote back, expressing interest in our community.

Thanks for the note and offer to help. We're starting small as a staff, with our efforts devoted to building a large, active community of people like yourself who market in serious issues and debate. The No. 1 thing you could do for us now is register at our landing page and encourage your friends to do so.

In October, I hope you take advantage of our platform and create a micro-community of people who share your interests. It could drive our audience to your facinating blog. Is that something that would be of interest? If so, jot me a note back and we'll discuss by phone.

Take care,

Ron Fournier

What are the implications of this? This might give us a voice. A big voice, that may be heard by a large number of people. If you'd like to help out, please do the following:

1. Go to and register. Watch here for future updates.
2. Stay active in this community. Post your ideas and discussions on what the effects of polarization are on the U.S., and how we can seal the rift. I've been lax myself, but pledge to be more vocal.
3. Point your like-minded friends to this community, and encourage them to contribute.

Fingers crossed, eh?
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