Booksellers without Borders (readherring) wrote in reuniting_usa,
Booksellers without Borders

Not practicing what I preach

At an office group lunch today, C. jumped into a conversation of how bad war was, how sad it is, and why can't Israel and Lebanon just be peaceful. It was a very idealist view, and it prompted T. to give a patient lecture about how peace hasn't worked there, how Israel had endured Hizbollah for years, and how finally they said enough was enough, and went in. I respect T.; as a former U.S. Marine and a former art student, I'm betting that he has some interesting viewpoints. However, when I entered the conversation by saying that current Israeli policy was probably formed more from Sharon's stroke allowing the even more hawkish Olmert to rise to power, T. dropped out of the conversation, and went back to doodling on the tablecloth.
(We were at Macaroni Grill, where this doesn't constitute vandalism)

I really wanted to continue the conversation, but I didn't try to force it. I don't feel like I was awkwardly interjecting, but maybe I was. People don't want to disagree with co-workers. I understand that. But I'm still frustrated.
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