Booksellers without Borders (readherring) wrote in reuniting_usa,
Booksellers without Borders

Grand Re-Opening!

Hi! We're back!

This group fell out of use a few years ago when Ron Fournier of the Associated Press opened a similar but larger site called "HOTSOUP". Due to technical difficulties, that site has closed. So we're dusting off reuniting_usa and putting it back in service.

This group was started four years ago when only a handful of people realized the dangers of polarization and division. On behalf of those people, WE TOLD YOU SO. The giant ideological rift in America is now high on Obama's list of things to fix if he is to get this country out of the hole it's in. (Make no mistake, if McCain had won, he'd be tackling the same task.)

I'm updating the user info to incorporate some of the good things that came out of HOTSOUP. If you're returning to this group, or are a new member, please let me know what you think of the new user info here. Also, if you have any other intelligent, open-minded friends, please invite them here.
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