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reuniting_usa's Journal

Americans for depolarization and reunification
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Americans for depolarization, reunification, and mutual respect
Welcome to reuniting_usa. We have one major rule for participation. You must show people of the opposing political ideology ABSOLUTE RESPECT.

This is a social experiment as much as it is a discussion group. Participants are expected to treat 'the other side' with all of the respect they would normally show to members of an oppressed minority group and/or allied troops on combat duty. Posts and replies not showing this high level of respect will be deleted.

This community is focused on bridging the political gap and getting people to tolerate and live with opposing viewpoints. This isn't some nursery school "play nice" bulls**t. The U.S. is stronger when its citizens aren't constantly denouncing each other as unthinking idiots. Like we're doing now.

- Discussions on why we need to close this huge Red vs. Blue gap.
- Discussions on how we can work to close that gap.
- Invitations to an open mind: Ask the opposition to explain their side, with the understanding that you will seriously consider their views.
- Demonstrations of an open mind: If you are a liberal, find things that you like about Bush. If you are conservative, find things that you like about Obama.
- General discussions: Always welcome here.

Original User Info from 2004:
Know that saying, "United we stand, divided we fall"? Well, America is about as divided as it has been since the Civil War. The internet has created oceans of biased web sites, news sources, e-mail lists, etc. on both sides of the fence. It's too easy to talk exclusively to like-minded people, and as a result, the two sides are getting further and further apart. Both the liberal and conserative viewpoints are becoming well polished semi-fictions. Red states and blue states are bad-mouthing each other, and people who are in the political minority in those areas feel increasingly isolated This isn't what America is supposed to be.
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